Ferrill Gibbs is a musician and a freelance podcaster who recently produced and hosted a weekday show for the Houston Chronicle called "Coronavirus Chronicle," which covered the effects of the coronavirus in Houston. Alongside veteran writer Lisa Gray, he conducted interviews with award-winning journalists, experts and regular folks to help shed light on how this major city traversed the pandemic. He lives just outside of Houston in a town called Hempstead with his wife "Fish" and their charming horse Axl, a dog, and two cats. His songwriting has been featured on CMJ, American Songwriter Magazine, and Americana UK. 

Besides podcasting, Ferrill is also a published author. His young adult novel The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt (which was inspired by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill) is part of the Chicago Review Press and is available on Amazon and all other platforms.

He makes music with his band All The Kimonos, and their music can be found on all the usual sites.