Ferrill Gibbs is an author, musician and podcaster from Mobile, Alabama, whose songs have been featured in American Songwriter, the Houston Chronicle, and CMJ. 

Nowadays, he lives in a prairie just outside of Houston and uses his home studio to interview journalists and writers about the effects of the coronavirus in Texas. 

He's got a bomb dog named Louie and a horse named Axl (yes, named after *that* Axl), and a wife named “Fish” who together have put everything they've got into making music, books, and art over the past decade or so. 

He's also got a killer band named All The Kimonos.

You can get the albums on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you shop. His young adult novel is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie bookstore - and his podcast for the Houston Chronicle called "Coronavirus Chronicle" can be found here...