Ferrill Gibbs is a musician, writer, and most recently, co-creator of a nine-episode podcast called "Alabama Astronaut." It's an immersive, song-centric podcast featuring his friend, songwriting-artist Abe Partridge from Mobile, Alabama.

Ferrill is also the director of podcasts at KBTX News 3 in College Station, Texas. 

In his career, he has been a solo musician, but also plays and writes songs for his band All The Kimonos.

Ferrill's one and only novel, The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt, is part of the Chicago Review Press, about a boy from Alabama who moves to Washington state and is a misfit. To escape his endless troubles, the boy discovers a mysterious hole that goes all the way through the Earth, and must learn to use it in order to save his ailing father...

Ferrill's novel is available on the publisher's website... or, on Amazon.

Finally, Ferrill lives in College Station with his wife "Fish" – she's an exemplary student in the arts of veterinary medicine and is his best friend. The two spend most of their free time together with their two cats, a bomb-detection dog named Louie, and a horse named after Axl Rose.

Write Ferrill at ferrillgibbs@gmail.com for freelance inquiries, or just to say "hey!"