Hi! I'm Ferrill.

I'm an author, musician, podcast producer and creator. I've made content for The Houston Chronicle, City Cast, and Gray TV. 

In 2023, I won a national Murrow award for audio editing and producing with the KBTX Digital team. 

I also co-produced a podcast about Abe Partridge, an artist and documentarian who approached the “serpent handlers” about their wild & primitive music. This series is called Alabama Astronaut, which was named one of 2022's best new podcasts.

In 2024, I released a podcast about controversial preacher Cody Coots, co-star of National Geographic's Snake Salvation. The 30+ episode series is called “Marked for Life," a dark tale of a 4th generation serpent handler who survived horrific crimes committed against him.

If you like to write – or, if you have a story to tell - let me know! 

I have a multimedia company called The Rolling Hills. You can contact me here.