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Ferrill Gibbs is a musician, podcaster and the co-host of a weekday podcast at the Houston Chronicle. He lives in Houston with his wife "Fish" and their charming horse, a dog, and two cats. His songwriting has been featured on CMJ, American Songwriter Magazine, and Americana UK. His podcast Life In A Song (with bandmates Brent Busby and Ivan Ruyle) is a deep dive into the power of music and the process/pursuit of songwriting.

Besides podcasting, Ferrill is also a published author. His young adult novel The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt (which was inspired by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill) is part of the Chicago Review Press and is available on Amazon and all other platforms.

Finally, he's got a new album with All The Kimonos called "The Listening Room" which can be found on all the usual sites. Sign up for the newsletter below to keep up with the madness...