Ferrill Gibbs is a podcast producer, writer, and musician who podcasted for The Houston Chronicle, City Cast Houston, and most recently, KBTX in College Station, Texas. 

His work on the Gonzalo Lopez escape for KBTX helped win a national Murrow Award for KBTX's Digital team. 

Ferrill has produced hundreds of episodes on a myriad of topics, including: politics, music, news, sports, weather, science, true crime, agriculture – even A.I. 

In 2020, artist Abe Partridge discovered undocumented music in serpent handling churches across the Appalachians. Their lively, frenetic music contains lyrics describing the Five Signs of Mark 16: the consumption of poisonous substances, and the free-handling of venomous snakes. 

Ferrill co-produced, edited, and sound designed a podcast detailing this adventure called Alabama Astronaut. It ranked on Lifehacker's Best of the Year list as one of 2022's 13 best new podcasts

For fun, Ferrill hangs out with his wife Fish. He writes songs on his two acoustic guitars. And, he also writes fiction. 

His 2017 novel The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt is about a kid from Alabama who finds a hole through the earth… it's available on Amazon and Kindle.

Reach him at ferrillgibbs@gmail.com

Abe, Ferrill, and the rest of the Alabama Astronaut gang (which is Andrew Hamblin, Taylor Hamblin and Shawn Byrne. That night we missed Cody Coots, Cassy Coots and Elizabeth Gibbs...)