"Crayola Girl" by Ferrill Gibbs. Featured On:

Cigarettes and Rocket Fuel, the brand new podcast by The Houston Chronicle. 

"Cigarettes & Rocket Fuel" is a podcast about the past, a show within a show, and that show is an as-it-happens radio talk program on fictional radio station KHCN-AM 4747 in Houston, Texas, covering the 1969 Apollo missions and the final sprint in the race against the Soviets to set foot on the moon.

KHCN's "Space City Sunday with Alex and Andy" delivers a digest of the week's top news from the war in Vietnam, politics, items of local interest and valuable ads for our listeners. Come for the Apollo drama. Stay for the 39-cent bacon.

"Cigarettes and Rocket Fuel" lifts off on Feb. 28 and continues weekly until America puts a man on the moon.